Skechers Showed Us Love!

I was filling a request for There With Care today, and as an afterthought there was mention of needing men’s shoes, a doesn’t-hurt-to-ask moment. Followed by my response of probably-not-but-I’ll-check.

I was on my way out the door to meet with Josh, Territory Manager for Skechers, to pick up women’s shoes he was going to donate. After catching up with him and unloading an incredibly generous amount of shoes, he asked, “Do you take men’s shoes?”

Do I take men’s shoes?! Today I do!

We loaded a box of men’s shoes into my car, and on top of the pile of men’s shoes were the exact sizes I needed to help There With Care.

Thank you Josh, for supporting our mission and helping moms (and dads) move forward in good health!

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