Dedicated to supporting moms with children that have special needs or critical illnesses.


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It’s About So Much More Than Shoes.


When mothers are thrown into crisis with a child who is critically or chronically ill, or face the diagnosis of a special need, their entire focus goes into doing everything they can for that child. Along the way, moms tend to lose themselves, and the idea of self-care becomes absurd in the face of caring for their child.

The shoes don't solve everything. We know that. But receiving the shoes? The encouragement? It shows moms they're not forgotten. That they matter. It gives them permission to leave the hospital or house, and take a few minutes to walk around the block. Those moments can be their sanity, can restore their sense of self, can center them and give them hope.

We aim to remove the barriers so that moms can care for themselves, and be better caregivers in the long run. We want them to know they are loved, supported, and worth it. And we give them the shoes to prove it.